Capture, Process and Route® Paper and Electronic Documents Into Your Business Workflow

AutoStore is a server-based application which orchestrates the capture and secure delivery of paper and electronic documents into business applications. It is well suited for organizations of all sizes which want to eliminate error prone manual document handling. Whether you’re handling invoices, claims, applications or order forms, AutoStore can automate your document driven business processes to lower costs, improve operational efficiency, communication and collaboration, and support compliance with laws and regulations.



AutoStore utilizes your existing infrastructure and captures information from your multifunction peripheral, smartphones, emails, fax servers, shared/public folders, FTP sites, Microsoft Office applications, PC desktops, XML data streams, and other sources. The captured information is then processed based on your organization’s predetermined workflow. Scanned images are enhanced for improved readability, text can be converted into editable electronic information, barcodes can be read, resulting in rich information to be used for later retrieval. Once processing is complete, the documents and the keywords describing them are distributed to any number of locations. Destinations can be fax, email, stored in a document management system (DMS), sent to FTP sites, secure network folders, or even multiple destinations simultaneously. And all of this is effortlessly performed by your staff by just pushing a button on the front panel of the device. That’s it. The workflow happens immediately, ensuring your information goes where you want it to go quickly and accurately every time.

This is all possible due to AutoStore’s customizable workflows and personalized MFP menu panels. With the help of the AutoStore Process Designer, workflows can be pre-configured and saved, to reduce the amount of manual steps required by the end user. This simple and easy-to-use capability eliminates manual processes, which reduces user errors and results in accurate and efficient document processing.

What sets AutoStore apart?

Challenge: A busy accounting department receives hundreds of invoice forms and checks that need to be scanned. The images need to be cleaned-up and the information indexed. Once that work is complete, the documents need to be sent on to managers at different branch offices for review before being archived into a central repository.

Solution: AutoStore Workflow can be set up to scan forms and checks. It improves the quality of the image if needed, assigns an indexing code, classifies the invoices according to who needs to review them, and digitizes everything into .pdf formats. Then route the invoices to individuals, and the checks to a central database repository.

And, that’s not all: The workflow can be accessed from the panel of your copier, scanner or MFP so that one-click at the device can set the whole process in motion.


The average organization makes 19 copies of each document, spends $20 in labor to file each document, and loses one out of every 20 documents. There is no doubt that manual document driven business processes are expensive, inefficient and time-consuming. With Notable Solutions’ three-pronged approach of capture, process and route, you can solve your document driven business automation problems easily and confidently.

Get the competitive edge with our patented AutoStore technology. Capture, Process and Route will enable your organization to easily convert your high maintenance paper and electronic documents into weightless, searchable, and easy to manage digitized information.

Works With Major Manufacturers

Works With major ManufacturersSometimes changing business needs require you to switch to another copier or scanner that is better in price or functionality. If you use a device-specific capture middleware, you are restricted to a single capture workflow technology. With AutoStore, changing or introducing a new device is as easy as plugging it into the network. Realize a fast Return on Investment (ROI), while maintaining a consistent way of handling documents in your organization.

Enhances Information Security

Enhances Information SecurityAutoStore has a number of security functions that let you gain control over the flow of information that enters or leaves your company: authenticate users right at the point of capture, encrypt documents as they are processed, and enable business process audit trails with reporting features. You can also capture documents from secure FTP sites and archive into secure FTP sites.

Captures Paper or Electronic Documents

Captures Paper and Electronic DocumentsAutoStore not only captures documents from devices and digital copiers, but it also captures content from smartphones, tablets, email and fax, shared/public folders, FTP sites, MS Office applications, PC desktop, XML data stream, and other sources.

Reduce Document Loss & Errors

Reduce Document Loss and ErrorsWith AutoStore you can capture both paper and electronic documents and deliver them to multiple destinations: fax, email addresses, network folders, network printers, PCs – and much more.

Award-Winning Capture Workflow

Award-Winning Capture WorkflowAutoStore is a proven industry leader in digital copier and scanner document capture. Major device manufacturers such as Ricoh, HP, Kodak, Kyocera, Konica Minolta, Fujitsu, Canon, Lexmark, Sharp, Xerox and others rely on the AutoStore framework for their MFPs and scanners. Reduces training time and costs.

Improves Quality & Converts Images

Improves Quality and Converts ImagesClean up images using more than two dozen filters. Convert paper or electronic documents to TIFF, searchable PDFs, Word, Excel, and other file formats

Reduce Training Time & Costs

Reduce Training Time and CostAutoStore is easy to install and to use – so you can scan, index, convert and distribute documents in no time at all. Simply define the documents you want to capture and then apply that to as many devices on the network as you wish. You’ll be up and running with a minimal amount of training.

Flexibility to Customize

Flexibility to CustomizeDesign, implement and deploy customized AutoStore solutions using our Professional Services team or your own developers. Customization can include open SDKs, forms, validation scripts or modules – whatever is needed to leverage the most from your AutoStore software.