AutoStore Workflow along with Worldox route component lets you transform documents into text searchable format and save them into the directories of Worldox GX2, an enterprise-capable document management system from World Software Corporation.

Supported Versions

Last Updated: September 07 2011
GX 597.0D6.041 SR1, 5C6.941.E04 SR1 GX2
Supported Regions

AutoStore Workflow and Worldox GX2 in action

  • Scan, index, and store paper documents into Worldox GX2 – with a push of a button on your AutoStore-enabled digital copier/MFP.
  • Index and store electronic documents into Worldox GX2 – with a click on your AutoStore-enabled existing PC desktop.
  • Scan once and send the document to multiple destinations – folder, ftp site, email, fax, printer, and more.
  • Read document barcodes and use the barcode value – index documents for storage.
  • Optional security features on AutoStore – allow authenticated users to archive documents.

AutoStore Workflow features for Worldox GX2

  • You can determine the document profile parameters such as description, additional comments and field values in the component configuration.
  • The component performs field length validation for profile fields. If the validation fails then the component rejects such document.
  • The component can set “parent-child” relations for the output files. The output document will be specified as a child document to another document in the same group of input documents or to a file which already presents in a Worldox folder.
  • You can use component’s RRTs to determine most of configuration parameters: Worldox user code, output directory, profile group, output file name, document profile settings, parent file path for “parent-child” relations setting, network mapping settings. Thus all of these parameters can be determined both immediately and in runtime.

AutoStore Workflow for Worldox configuration screenshots