Notable Solutions is an established global leader in secure information collection and output management solutions, enabling organizations to centrally define their information flow and collection strategy. The Company’s products blend industry leading mobile and document capture with intelligent routing and secure delivery of information into virtually any business application or destination. This secure information exchange platform empowers knowledge workers to drive business-critical processes from the point of information creation, enabling organizations to improve decision-making, mitigate risks, and uniformly lower operating costs.

Notable Solutions’ software extends business processes to office and mobile devices with intelligent and secure capture, route and print services. As a result, greater participation in an organization’s business processes is achieved, affording internal staff as well as external partners and customers the ability to easily contribute to the business workflow ─ wherever they may be ─using any device at their disposal.

As businesses continue to embrace the higher productivity and financial benefits of aligning office workers with point-of-service capture, the demand for implementing capture technology is poised to see rapid growth in the next several years. According to Forrester Research, mobility and cloud-based applications will change business processes radically over the next five years. Mobile devices will initiate a high percentage of transactions and will be used to complete the transaction in real-time. Straight-through transactions enhance the customer experience and improve process efficiency.

Similarly, the demand for printer fleet management suites and integrated document management solutions is growing globally. While print is becoming a smaller piece of the document and information lifecycle, the capture, processing, routing and storing components of the cycle are becoming increasingly important and are prime opportunities for software solutions to exploit.

Why Notable Solutions Wins

Notable Solutions is uniquely positioned to solve the needs of its customer’s business critical activities by providing associates throughout their organization with a simple way to contribute documents and information into their business processes faster and more efficiently. From smartphones and tablets to mainframes and Multi-Function Peripherals (MFPs), Notable Solutions simplifies the secure exchange and delivery of information from back-end business application to the devices workforces depend upon to get their job done. Notable Solutions’ platform is tightly integrated into more than 40 leading business applications including those from Microsoft, IBM, OpenText, SAP and more. Notable Solutions products also run on nearly every device business professionals rely upon to complete their daily activities, including more than 700 models of MFPs, all iOS and Android devices and Windows desktops.

Forefront in Notable Solutions’ product approach is a critical eye on usability. All client interfaces are designed to ensure an untrained knowledge worker is still be able to easily understand and deliver information into the business process. Notable Solutions subscribes to the notion all user activities should be accomplished within 10 seconds. To ensure this feat, the Company’s products provide easy pick lists, check boxes and similar concepts which help customers to get their work done faster and with high accuracy, regardless of whether the activity originates on an MFP, smartphone or desktop.

Unlike many legacy document capture systems which are implemented to archive completed business activities, Notable Solutions’ solutions are exclusively implemented within organizations needing to drive to completion document-intensive business processes. These activities are often critical to the support of customers, new business or general competitive advantage. The Company is often viewed upon as a trusted adviser to its customers in various vertical markets, including Financial Services, Healthcare and Government (local through national), providing guidance and best practice considerations for many document intensive workflows.

Innovation is at the core of the Notable Solutions strategy. As a result, Notable Solutions is well suited to lead capture and output management adoption. Unique to Notable Solutions’ product strategy is the commitment to interweave mobile devices with both capture and output business workflows. Through this unified approach, the Company uniquely delivers integrated solutions for capture-enabled business processes destined for both back-office legacy systems as well as cloud hosted services. The Company’s products are capable of deployment on-premise or private cloud. Customers find significant value in the Notable Solutions portfolio as it provides a unified means to ensure information is securely delivered into the business process, through central management of workflows, thus aiding in industry and regulatory compliance obligations.

Partnership Highlights

Notable Solutions’ strong international performance is supported by a broad and diversified partner channel. Through both local and worldwide relationships, Notable Solutions products connect the business applications of its Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partners with the office equipment of the Company’s many Multi-Function Peripheral (MFP) OEM partners. ISVs such as IBM, EMC, OpenText and more benefit from Notable Solutions’ products due to the software’s unique capability to extend the ISV’s business applications to the devices knowledge workers depend upon to get their job done. This unique Notable Solutions fabric weaves mobile devices, MFPs and printers more effectively into the business process and as a result, assists the Company’s customers in driving their business operations more efficiently.